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Thursday 10 October 2019 | 10am

Due to an illness in the cast, the show 'Paper Shaper' is now being replaced with 'The Pond'.

It's not a puddle or a pool, it's a pond and that's what makes it cool.

From the team who brought you Little Kowhai Tree, A Sausage that went for a Walk and Paper Plays comes a special story about fish, frogs and water fowl, creatures big and small. Tadpoles that turn into frogs and water bugs that sit on logs. Ducks and swans and wading birds. Reeds, lillies, fish and eels.

The Pond is a magical journey through the eyes of the creatures and plants that live in and around the pond and whose daily lives depend on the importance of water for their survival. The play begins with rain, rain that makes the puddles, the rivers and the ponds. One by one, the creatures and plants that live in and around the pond are introduced. But something is wrong, the water in the pond is growing foul and dirty. Something has to be done.

The story is told using simple songs, music, movement and puppets. The two actors take the children in the audience on a wonderful journey to discover the colours, textures, sounds and creatures of the pond and help them to understand the importance of water. The delightful characters are created with shadow and hand puppets.

The Pond is not only entertaining, it is also a great learning experience for young audiences.

Presented by Expressions Whirinaki Arts & Entertainment Centre in association with Little Dog Barking Theatre.

Suitable for ages 2 onwards.

Gillies Group Theatre

All tickets: $8 per per person | Under 2 years on knees free